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Reindexing causes cache to flush

Reindexing causes cache to flush


My site uses Litemage as a caching tool. We have set reindexing to be by schedule.

What we are noticing is that when the reindex is happening on cron it is triggering off a complete flush of the cache. 

I have spoken to Litemage and they are saying that this is a default feature of magento to flush the cache, which to me seems unlikely.

We use feeds to insert products and then the crons are set to run at midnight. When the crons run, the complete cache flushes.

Litemage log shows the text below.

LiteMage FlushCacheByCli FlushCacheByTags from clean_cache_by_tags cat_c,cat_p,BLOCK_HTML tags=Array
[tags] => cat_c,cat_p,BLOCK_HTML


This got triggered when we ran the reindex catalogrule_product reindex.

Any suggestions/solutions would be most appreciated.






Re: Reindexing causes cache to flush

Hi @vnsinfo ,

Generally for others reindexers cache doesn't get flushed.

Only "catalog_category_product" and "catalog_product_category" indexes will flush the FPC.

Still you can investigate further to check whether they have written somewhere clearing cache code programmatically like below.


Hope this helps you!

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Re: Reindexing causes cache to flush

hi @Nishu Jindal 

Thanks a lot for your reply. Is there someway we can stop the flushing of the cache.

We have close to 50K products and when the cache is flushed it takes a lot of time to build it, not to mention another feed import in the interim flushes it again.

Is there a better way to handle this ?


Thanks heaps for your help.