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Restore magento2 store in defferent Server

Restore magento2 store in defferent Server


I have an issue while restoring Magento2 backup in different server. Need help, very interesting use case.



I have installed Magento 2.3.3 in two different servers, created mystore store (with same store name) in both the servers.

For example:  https://www.server1/mystore


I went to Server1/mystore/admin and created products and setup email address etc.

               Server2 left with base store, no additional steps conducted.


Now I ran backup from Server1.mystore using the below command

  # bin/magento setup:backup --code --db --media, which created three backup files.



Transferred the above backup files from Server1 to the Server2. I logged into to the 2nd server and ran the below restore (rollback) command.

  # bin/magento setup:rollback -m 1586052300_filesystem_media.tgz -c            1586052300_filesystem_code.tgz -d 1586052300_db.sql


It succeeded in restoring filesystem and media. However it failed while restoring db. It is throwing below error:

In Serialize.php line 33:Unable to unserialize value.


My question:  Does the above scenario work?  If yes what am I missing. Many thanks in advance.



Re: Restore magento2 store in defferent Server

I had the same isssue and found out it is because I didn't set the crypt key.