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Rounded price problem


Rounded price problem

Hello everyone,


I have a problem in the calculation of some prices.

My item costs 3.5 euros with VAT 20%.

So, in the backoffice, I indicate 2.916 in the price excluding tax.

Magento automatically rounds it to 2.92.

The price displayed is well 3.5 € on the front.


The problem, when I add 2 products in the basket, the price of the products goes to 3,51 €.

I can not find the solution.


Thank you for help,



Re: Rounded price problem

Hello @misteradmin



There is no solution for now.


magento doing round after 2 digits, if you increase 3 to 4 or something, it always creates a problem



Re: Rounded price problem

Hello Sunil,


Thank you, bad news ... I will try to find prices whose roundness is not a problem ...


Best regards

Re: Rounded price problem



great !! if my anwer help you then mark as solution or give kudoes.