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Sage X3 ERP Integration and Magento Developing

Sage X3 ERP Integration and Magento Developing

Good Morning All,


I already read a few topics regarding SAGE and Magento Integrations, but in my company, we have this main requirement/idea:

  • Building secondary warehouse on Magento

We already have 2 warehouses in SAGE

1 - The main warehouse (offline) - Where our products arrive to be catalog (Ex. 5000 units SKU - ZP001). After this process, the main warehouse moves some products (ZP001) to the second warehouse (Ex. 800 units)


2 - Secondary, "in transit" warehouse (Online Shop) - Magento should pick that there are 800 (SKU - ZP001) units available (in transit) in this secondary warehouse, but in the Backoffice, optimally, we should be able to only put 200 units (ZP001) online and give those individual SKUs, based on first statistical family. (Ex. 76545|ZP001)

Sage will know that, in total, there are 800 units (ZP001- If no sales), but Magento should here have the perception, that, in total, there are 800 units (ZP001) to be sold, but only 200 units are online and that there's still remaining another 600 units on the secondary warehouse, to be placed online. SAGE should not track the individual SKU's on Magento, only that 200 individual Sku's were created from the first family SKU (ZP001), and discount the stock.


Note 1:  A transfer from the transit warehouse to Magento, should be considered as an “automatic purchase from the system” and a manual correction should be considered as
“inventory adjustment” (with the corresponding user info and comments)


Note 2:  Transit warehouse in Magento should not allow manual stock adjustments/corrections on SAGE, only inside Magento warehouses. Magento only needs to track the stock on individual SKUs created from SAGE primary SKU.


I hope to have been clear enough. Please, If anyone has developed something like this, or knows how this can work, please speak up. Also, If you think that is a way "out-of-the-box" solution, I'm open to hear your thoughts and find a simpler solution.

Thanks in advance!


Re: Sage X3 ERP Integration and Magento Developing

Hello @andresimoe5c4f 


I believe our magento erp integration solution can help.

we have successfully connected Magento to multiple ERP Systems such as

Acumatica and Syteline with very complex business models.


Please feel free to contact us, we can schedule a demo for you.


Looking forward to hearing from you.


Best Regards,




Re: Sage X3 ERP Integration and Magento Developing

Just sent you a private message.


Please do see it.


Have a nice day and thanks for your reply!