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Sell by the case

Sell by the case

Hi All,


Is it at all possible to either sell products by the case and as individual items.

Eg; Either buy 1 bottle of wine for 'x' amount  or buy a case of 6 for 'x' amount


Then regarding inventory....there are 10 cases and for us that means 60 bottles. So buying 1 bottle reduces inventory by 1 and buying a case reduces inventory by 6


Does anyone know of the best way to handle this.




Re: Sell by the case



A simple way of doing this is to use Tiered Pricing. And then you can simply adjust the labeling on the theme on the front end to use the term 'case of' when purchasing more than e.g. 6.


I've added a couple of screenshots to show. I've set the normal price of the product to be £10 in this example and then added the following tier prices;


tiered pricing product admin

and this will lead to it displaying like this on front end

Tiered pricing front end


Hope that helps?





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