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Sell product in multiple increments

Sell product in multiple increments

Hi, I am having trouble in finding a solution for this, either through settings or an extension:

  • Selling a product in:
    • single quantity at no discount, e.g. qty 1 @ 0% off
    • package quantity at some discount, e.g. qty 5 @ 5% off
    • box quantity at higher discount, e.g. qty 100 @ 15% off

Tier pricing (customer group pricing) does not work for me because if 6 were bought, I do not want to give the discount on the one single piece. (Discounts are not for quantity breaks, but rather to encourage packages or boxes to be purchased.)


Currently my workaround is having a configurable product with three simple products of the same thing and with discounts applied. Something like the following if I had 115 in stock:

  • prod-1, qty: 115, price: $1
  • prod-5, qty 23 (115/5 rounded down), price: $5 with customer group price discount 5%
  • prod-100, qty 1 (115/100 rounded down), price: $100 with customer group price discount 15%

The problem with this is managing stock. If a customer was to buy qty 1 of prod-100, it wouldn't affect the stock of prod-1 and prod-5. So, another customer would still be able to get, let's say, qty 10 of prod-5.


If I could be pointed to someway that can link stock quantity somehow or allowing multiple qty increments with different price levels, that could work. I have seen extensions that have set quantities, but not one that allows ordering multiple quantities (of the set) unless they keep on adding to cart one at a time or adjusting it in the cart.


Thank you!