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Shipping Rules/Options

Shipping Rules/Options

I try to setup the shipping costs in the Magento and I can't figure out how to set the shipping prices with certain rules.


Moreover, the main thing here is to change the shipping price depending on the totals, country and attribute set of a product when it is placed in the cart. I know that I can set table rates for the price discount and fixed price for some specific countries depending of the total, but how can I add extra shipping to the table rates when they select a specific product?


Is it possible to be made without buying an extension or if it'spossible to suggest one?

(Price cart rules are only to give discounts as far I see)


Re: Shipping Rules/Options

Hello @pantelis_petmezas


by default magento does not provide such a solution


magento provide table rate for some cases like subtotal, weight based.


for advance table rate you need to use amsty module

Hope it will help you.