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Shipping / VAT issues

Shipping / VAT issues

Hi Fellow Magentians!

I have an issue that my dev team / tech support seem either unable to fix or don't care about fixing! Personally I think it's beyond them, but they're too stubborn to say so!


Let me fill you in, for context...

Using Magento 2, we have one website URL with both B2B and B2C sites with a Trade login facility to keep them separate.

Firstly, we noticed that VAT was not being added to shipping costs in the B2B basket  but we managed to get that working... BUT... something appears to have gone wrong with the B2C side of the CMS in the process.


The postage prices in the B2C basket now seem to be getting VAT added to them.
It's all visible on the orders being placed, both in the basket / checkout, and on the printed paperwork. See images (different orders btw).



What I really need to know is how to tweak these settings in this Stores > Config > Tax section (below) for the Default but then also Trade AND Retail sections.  VAT needs to be added to B2B orders / paperwork, but NOT shown on B2C orders at all!







I've looked at tutorials and articles, and I think I’ve tried EVERY possible variation, but still not getting it working correctly! Anyone able to shed some light?!

Huge Thanks in advance! 


Re: Shipping / VAT issues

Hello @SteveFiveDollar


I did not able to getting all thing.


But seems like you want to add tax for B2b but not for B2C, if you want to do like then do like go to that product store wise change product Tax Class.


Hope it will help you.