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Simple question about default category

Simple question about default category

New to Magento - started with Magento 2.0 - this question may be too basic but I'm confused.  Under the column categories:


Default Category/Books|Default Category/Fiction Books/

Default Category/Videos



Do I need the title "Default Category" in my first import - no categories are entered in magento admin - starting fresh with csv file...want my site to look like this example - these would be my main categories - of course I would have sub categories...








or do I leave the title 'Default Category" out?


* BTW, the new PDF instructions are excellent - makes my life a ton better



Re: Simple question about default category

To answer my own question for someone who might not understand and has the same question...yes, you want Default Category in if you want your category to be a sub category off the root.  If you want the category to be a root category then don't use Default Category.  Hope this helps