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Special Price

Special Price

Is there a way to set up special price for grouped products? Let's say that grouped product contains 3 simples products and the total price is 150$. How would I go about setting a special price only on the grouped one- for example 100$? 


Re: Special Price

Hello @katarzyna_lazarska



Magento 2 does not allow special price at group product level


Why? because when you do add to cart you will see all products as an individual , if you want to set the special price you need to set at the simple product level.


Hope it will help you.

Re: Special Price

Hi @katarzyna_lazarska


Well grouped product is a bunch/associated of simple products , so you can not set special price for grouped product but you need to set special price for that simple product which is associated with that grouped  product !


Another alternate option is to create a Catalog Price Rules , using this you can give some special price discount on the grouped product - but yes i would personally less prefer this option !


so better is to give special price to simple product only 


Refer this link for more details -


Hope it helps ! 

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