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Stock not decreasing on configurable products

Stock not decreasing on configurable products

Hi, I'm just trying to set up my website with Magento 2.  I've entered a test product which is configurable by size, this goes on the site fine, however when I add to my basket and even checkout the stock quantities don't seem to change.  I've probably set something up incorrectly but can't seem to see the problem.  Any help would be good, thanks.


Re: Stock not decreasing on configurable products

Sorry for a slow response to your query. The stock for a configurable product is stored against the individual simple products that makes up a configurable.


You can see the global configuration for Inventory if you go to Stores --> Configuration --> Catalog --> Inventory. The first setting there is "Decrease Stock When Order is Placed" - for quantity to reduce when checking out this needs to be set to yes.


I hope that helps @j147julie

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