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Store-level Administration and Customer Associations

Store-level Administration and Customer Associations



This is a 2-part question. Here's what I'm seeking to do:


  1. Create administrators on a store/view level. I would like to be able to create roles that allow access (and even visibility) to only products within a certain store as opposed to the website. Ideally they wouldn't have any interaction or knowledge of the contents of any other stores (i.e. if they went to the products catalog, only products in that store's root category would show up).
    Is this something that the "Advanced Permissions" extension could do?
  2. I would like to associate customers with stores as well, so that customers cannot interact with other stores besides the one for which their account is associated with (is this solved with the "Customer Groups Manager" extension?) , and also so that the previously mentioned store administrators could only see/interact with customers associated with their store (which seems to be the harder part here since it looks like each customer account is created on a global level as opposed to store or even site level).

A potential alternative approach I was considering was using websites instead of stores for these configurations (i.e. each website only has one store so all customers/admins are by default associated with a single store) but this requires that there be administrators that can be given access/visibility of many--but not all--websites and no access/visibility of others. Is this a possible alternative?

If there's a solution to the 2 problems provided that would be ideal, but if not, will the presented alternative work?


Re: Store-level Administration and Customer Associations

Hello @schwau


I'll try to answer both questions.

1) You are right, an Advanced Permissions is a good match for these requirements. You can check out this one

With Advanced Permissions a super admin can limit access of other admins to:

Specific products;
Store views/websites;
CMS elements;
Dashboard statistics;
2) For these needs Customer Group Catalog is suitable. It allows to create rules and assign customer groups to particular store views. Note, that a customer must belong to a certain group to be associated with the appropriate store view. 
Hope that helps!
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