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Sub-categories and breadcrumbs

Sub-categories and breadcrumbs

To help simplify our data entry process, we're looking for an alternative to assigning any given product to all of the sub-categories it lives in.


Example: for a product that lives in "Home > Main Category > Sub Category 1 > Sub Category 2", we have to check all of the individual categories (main category, sub category 1 and sub category 2) in order for the breadcrumbs to correctly render the product's full path.


Question: Is there any workaround or extension that would allow us to ONLY have to check Sub Category 2 (the lowest category it lives in) and have mage automatically recognize all of the other sub-categories it really lives in?



Here's an example of how we have to select all categories for breadcrumbs to work

The current way we select categories


Here's what we'd like to do - only needing to select the lowest sub-category "accessories", but still have the breadcrumbs show all of its parents 


The way we'd like to select categories



Thanks much in advance.