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Table rate shipping table joker * or ?


Table rate shipping table joker * or ?

Hi All,


I understand the table rate shipping method, i made a cvs with *,*,*,"0","1111" and it gives everything the transport price of 1111, YEAH, thatdoes what i want partly.


Now i want to finetune it, lets say i want all postcodes (zipcodes)  BEGINNING with 10  (1000 AB or 1047 XZ) to give a price of 9999 


I tried 





But both don't give me the 9999 when i type in posted (zipcode) 1000 AB


any help?


Re: Table rate shipping table joker * or ?

Well I found the basic answer on my question and post it here so others can find it too...Cat Sad


The Magento 2.0 (and before) system has NO possibility for wildcards in a part of zipcode if you want to import the data via a cvs file.


The options are ;

1)  creating a PHP (so you need to be a good programmer with knowledge of mage 2.0)

2)  buying an extension (Just for your zipcodes!)

3)  using states (editing 2 tabels in DB, and no longer can use automated updates because it is hard-coded into the DB).

4) make one enormous cvs file with all your zipcodes (and give magento the speed of a snail with broken leg, tugging a house )


This is one thing they really should have made possible a long time ago, this question is asked MANY MANY times by MANY users, now i have to import a file of 600000 lines, just for my small country, this wil slow down Magento more, even more then normal execution time.


Buying an extension for something like this basic makes me rethink using magento 2.0, it seems at this point in time an extremely heavy website with hidden costs everywhere (for every small item) and a community (for version 2.0) which is stil not alive and even not assisted in activation. There are Questions in large amounts from users, but solutions are barely given.


Give me Kudos if you share my opinion, maybe the programmers wake up from their wet dreams.







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Re: Table rate shipping table joker * or ?

the alternative would be to go back to version 1.9** and then have the headache of migrating to 2 once developers start focusing on Mag 2. Not an easy decision.