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Tax Calculation Problem

Tax Calculation Problem

Hi folks,


i am getting stuck on the following problem - hoping anyone can help me out:


I need to change an austrian shop to show prices as it was a german shop.

Means: Prices should be shown incl. 19% tax (instead of 20%)


So i changed Default Tax Destination to Germany. (in Admin; Shop -> Config -> Sales -> Tax).

Since then, in storefront the prices are shown as expected. Same brutto prices (incl. tax) as before and it shows "incl 19% tax".


But when i add a product to the shopping cart, tax is calculated wrong.:


Base price as shown in storefront (brutto) € 119.-


What Magento is doing:

Price for austrian customers: 119.--

Price for german customers: 118.- (= 119 / 1,20 * 1,19)


What i want Magento to do:

Price for austrian customers: 120.-- (= 119 / 1,19 * 1,20)

Price for german customers: 119.- 


I have additionaly tried to change all other settings in Admin i have where Magento could think the root country is austria, but whithout effect.

  • Merchant Country (Shop -> Config -> Sales -> Payment)
  • Shop Info Country (Shop -> Config -> General -> General)

1000 Thanx in advance for any ideas and tips,