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Tax Rule problem

Tax Rule problem

My magento is 2.3.3

I created a Tax Rule but it is not working.


I try to upload my screenshot about my Tax Rule but it is showing error so I just post it here.


Tax Rate

Tax Identifier Test 1

Zip/post is Range blank

Zip/Post Code *

state *

country Canada

rate percent 10.00


Tax Rule

Tax rate choose test 1

Customer Tax Class Default ( I changed retail customer, only 1 customer tax class on my website)

Product Tax Taxable Goods, Shipping, Books

Priority 0

Calculate Off Subtotal Only blank

sort Order 0


I confirm the product tax class on the test product is correct.

On Stores -> Configuration- > Sales -> Tax

All setting using system value.

Cache are cleared after setup tax rule.


When I put the item on shopping cart and choose the destination, the tax is not included on summary. ( The page is /checkout/cart/ )


How can I figure out the problem? 


Re: Tax Rule problem

Make sure your item (product)  Tax Class   is  selected one from Taxable Goods, Shipping, Books.

Re: Tax Rule problem

Yes, I selected and double check few times.


I have try to install a new magento and set the same rule and product. It is working.


I have check below info . Hope someone can find out something I missed.


Customer class

Tax Class

Tax Class on Product

Tax Zone and rate

Store->configuration-> Tax (using system value first)

shopping cart page destination 


Re: Tax Rule problem

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