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Tax displays for Australia


Tax displays for Australia

In my new Magento 2 install I have having difficulty with taxes for Australia, we use 10% GST tax,

I have setup so that prices entered in admin are including tax. Prices displayed in all cart places are including tax and I have full tax display. I have the default country as Australia and the calculation based on country of origin which is Australia. All my tax rates are setup same way as in my Magento 1x site. The product price is incl Tax and setup as taxable goods.

Now the problem is that although the cart shows Price including Tax, it also shows the Price EXC Tax but this price is the same as INCL TAX. How can this be. It should be Price incl Tax $10 ( for example) and Price EXL Tax $9.10, or not show the EXL Tax at all. Full Tax summary setting doesnt seem to matter anyway for some reason, it always shows INCL and EXCL in the cart total


Re: Tax displays for Australia

After many hours I decided to delete the tax rules and re apply and this solved it. My rules and zones were replaced exactly the same way - so that is rather odd