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Tiered cart price rules

Tiered cart price rules

The goal is to be able to add coupon via the coupon code (sometimes using the url parameter to add it) that will automatically adjust the offer based on different sets of conditions.


For example:


  • Enter coupon code "XYZ"
  • If order < $100 the customer gets no benefit
  • If order > $100 < $200 the customer gets $5 off
  • If order > $200 the customer gets 10% off the entire order

The reason for the first tier (no benefit) is so the customer can add the coupon to the cart even if they have no items, then the coupon will automatically adjust to the higher tier benefit as the order increases in value.


(How much of this) can be done with M2 Enterprise out of the box?


If this cannot be done out of the box, any extension suggestions or discussion group threads digging into how to build an extension to accomplish?