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Top of page header


Top of page header



We are pretty new to Magento and hoped you may be able to help.
We have a site at which we inherited and are struggling to find where to edit the banner below the menu - which contains 4 blocks - 30 Days Return on all purchase etc

We have searched around on google but are unable to see how this can be done.


Any help would really be appreciated





Re: Top of page header

Hello, this is a Magento 1 site so you'll probably get more response in the Magento 1 part of the forum. However whenever I've been working with Magento sites with a similar promo bar to what you have on your site, it is normally in 'Static Blocks' which you can find under the CMS menu in admin. 

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Re: Top of page header

Hi psoberg,


Thanks for your reply.

We had checked the static blocks as that's where we expected it to be but we eventually found the code - it was in a .php header file.