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URL Rewrites

URL Rewrites

Have a new 2.2.4 install, two stores the Default and StoreA, created a virtual product and other virtual products as a configurable. If assign the parent and/or child products to the Default store all show up on the frontend. If change the website to StoreA none show up, managed to trace it to the URL rewrites, they are completely deleted, nothing for the product. Any ideas would be welcome.


Re: URL Rewrites

Might be problem related to your Website Save.

You don't save website scope for your product level.


Now you have to select Checkbox and Save again.

Reindex using command line and check again in your store front.

If Issue Solved, Click Kudos/Accept As solutions.

Re: URL Rewrites

Thanks for that, found the problem, when removed the products from the second website, saved, re-added them and choose to copy the data it worked. The problem then became when I went to change the product configuration to add new virtuals the manual addition button was missing, you have to generate again. There are some serious bugs with 2.x, so deleted it installed 1.9, will sleep on it and decide whether to carry on with Magento or not, and have a lot of experience with it from the past so it's not like am starting from afresh.