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USPS - Best Extension

USPS - Best Extension

In the Market place, I have results narrowed down to 85 products for Magento 2.2 CE:

Link to MarketPlace Results


Specific Problem:

The built-in USPS only displays rate based on weight, not dimensions.

So, for example, if you enable Flat-Rate envelopes and boxes in the USPS config... and you have books... adding 5 books still offers up Flat-Rate envelopes as a shipping option.


First, I'm not going to fit 5 books in an Envelope...second, they would not let me ship 20lbs of books for the same flat-rate price  :-)  In other words.. the default USPS API is about as smart as a Popsicle (as far as I can tell).


What are people using successfully for comprehensive shipping solutions, specifically for USPS (which is the only carrier we use)?


I need these things):

- Ability to Print Shipping Labels

- Product attribute shipping (such as dimensions).

  (we have a variety of products we sell).

- Some versatility would be nice, but not required. For instance free shipping for certain product... and maybe even drop-ship options.




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Re: USPS - Best Extension


 - From a couple posts, this appears to be a close partner with Magento 2.


 - When you go there, there is no info about how to install or how much it costs. You are asked to fill out a form that says 'REQUEST ACCESS'.  Then you get a message, and wait 2 days for someone to contact you, which they don't:


Thanks for registering your interest in our Magento 2 Early Access Program.

Our team will be in touch shortly to arrange a time for a demonstration."


I am wondering if I am supposed to upgrade to M 2.2.2 and it may just be available as an option???  I saw some info somewhere about that. I am at M 2.2.1.


EDIT: I just found this, which looks like I may have to upgrade to 2.2.2.. though this page does not refer to the community edition and only the commerce edition:


Shipper HQ

After a trial, it appears subscriptions start at $50/mo. That is probably out of our budget. That extension however appears to have everything we would like to have... Dimensional shipping, multi-origin shipping, and shipping rules by product:


'Offer shipping rates and methods based on product, category, cart quantity, value, weight, dimensions and more'




I'm a bit unclear as to if this would have all the features I have outlined.. but it appears to be only $9/mo, which is probably more our budget. I have sent an email to them with some questions.






Re: USPS - Best Extension

Something is weird here... I just took about a half hour writing out a brief review of 3 extensions, and it was deleted??