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USPS Shipping Labels & Postage Options

USPS Shipping Labels & Postage Options

Good Day.


    Recently upgraded to 2.1 from 1.9 and we're looking into a more streamlined shipping method. Currently we only offer USPS as it fits or product best. 


    However, we're using a third parts service to print our labels and packing slips. It works well enough, but not as well as simply generating the shipping label in Magento. 


    My question is how do I print the postage for the packages once the shipping label is generated? It says right at the top "Postage Required".


    Do I need a third party extension or service to post the postage for me? Would it just be the postage barcode?


    That's it for now. I'm also struggling to remove the mandatory signature confirmation for USPS packages, but that's another problem entirely.