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USPS flat rate shipping + labels + tracking?


USPS flat rate shipping + labels + tracking?

We are going to be selling a product using a Magento 2 website. Most of the sizes of this product can work with USPS flat rate shipping. (one size does not and will have to use the Rate service shipping)

What I'm wondering is what functionality/support for shipping is in the various modules pre-built into Magento 2 community edition and what is the best configuration to use to fill our needs.

The minimum requirements I have been asked to fill include:

1. provide flat-rate shipping for all products that fit the flat-rate boxes
2. provide actual/approximate shipping cost for the one product that does not fit
3. print labels directly from within the Magento site and/or admin tools for our Point-of-Ship if possible
4. provide tracking after the item is shipped regardless if it was shipped flat rate or using a calculated rate.

I'm assuming the best tool for the flat-rate shipping is the flat-rate modules within Magento, but I'm not sure what kind of support that would have for the USPS tracking and for printing a USPS label. I can see the USPS module has support for the rate request service and tracking, but wasn't sure if it supports label printing either.

Any help and suggestions are appreciated. If it is necessary to get a third-party module, which one(s) would fill my needs?


Re: USPS flat rate shipping + labels + tracking?


you might want to consider our Shipping Suite Ultimate Extension:

You will be able to offer either the DEFAULT Methods, such as USPS Express Mail, DHL Flat Rate Box Shipping, UPS ground, UPS two-day, OR alternatively, CUSTOMLY CREATED ones: Local Delivery, ECO delivery, Pick Up in Stores, etc.. 

Here is just a little of the functionality the product offers:

  • Unlimited # of Shipping Carriers, Methods, and Rates
  • Adding custom Shipping Carriers/ Methods
  • Configurable Shipping Rates
  • Advanced Shipping Rules and Restrictions
  • Estimating/recounting Shipping Rates for any Carrier (by means of Rules and Restrictions)
  • NEW Custom Location Zones
  • NEW Shipping Zones Popup
  • NEW The ability to set Country-Regions Relations
  • NEW Advanced Postal / Zip Code validation
  • NEW Import / Export shipping data for Carriers / Methods / Rates

With Shipping Suite, it's possible to:

  • NEW Create custom Shipping Carriers for chosen Store Views,
  • Create Shipping Rules / Methods for specific Store Views,
  • Add the store labels to the Rates,
  • Specify names and delivery messages for each localized store.

More features are listed at the product page. Also, if you need extra functionality, you can always request it, and our developers will add it! If you've got any questions, feel free to contact us at


Good luck!

Re: USPS flat rate shipping + labels + tracking?

After more digging through the settings and a couple of online help files, I see that the USPS module can support label printing and tracking and can be set to filter the rates displayed. But now my question is whether or not the rates displayed can be varied by product. Since we have one product (currently - possibly more later) that will not fit in any of the flat-rate boxes/sizes, that product will need to return a standard calculated rate. The others should only show the flat rate options. If I turn on both in global settings, I assume both will show on all products. But I only need flat rate to show on those that will fit in a flat rate box and only need calculated rates to show on products too big for the flat rate boxes.

Re: USPS flat rate shipping + labels + tracking?

for the record, the solution we went with is the new 'Magento Shipping' handled via a third-party account with Temando that is going to be a standard included component as of v 2.2.x. i.e. Temando is working with Magento to provide a built-in shipping option via a Temando account.

It met all of the requirements listed above.