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Using table rate TWICE

Using table rate TWICE

Hello All,


I want to use table rates TWICE ... one for picking up the goods and one for returning the goods (Its a rental site)


Is there an easy way for doing this , or should i import another table rate module?


Would like to hear your ideas.





Re: Using table rate TWICE

Magento has no built-in support for the rental / leasing business, so you need an extension to proper implement such business.

Re: Using table rate TWICE

Hi Dmitry,


I know that there is no rental package for the magento 2.0 serie, however i am building around some problems.


"a" probleem i have is the returning goods via tab le rate, it needs to be called twice, so 1 solutions is just make the price *2 and say it is a to and from price without changing the file much (Just price*2 ), however i want to know if it is possible in an easy way to use the same module twice, it works great and it just needs to be activated twice  TO en FROM, so people can choose to fetch it themselves etc.


To make it a little bit clear;

When you arrive at purchase and fill in the postal code, the system already calculates the prices via the table rate and shows the other possibilities of receiving the goods.


I would like to first have the possibility to choose between TO sender in which the chooser can choose tabel rate or whatever

and after that choiche the chooser can choose AGAIN table rate or whatever but now for FROM sender.