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Website or Shop for other Warehouse?

Website or Shop for other Warehouse?



I am new to Magento and still trying to understand all the concepts.


Situation: We are a Webstore with a Warehouse in Germany and a warehouse in the US. I want to make a German site, an English view of that site for international customers and a US site for US customers because we have a warehouse there. All share the same Domain.


The US Store has different Product prices / stock, but shares many pages and the blog with the international view of the English View of the German Store. So:


German Store

-> German View

-> English View


US Store

-> US view thats mostly like the English view


The US store may have different payment options than the German store. Should the US store be a „Shop“ of the German Website or be a new Website?





Re: Website or Shop for other Warehouse?

Hi @valentin_huwer,


I guess you should read this section of the user guide:


Once you fully understand the idea behind websites, stores and store views; you'll see you can do what you want using 2 websites (1 for Germany and the other one for USA).

Then, the Germany website could have 1 store and 2 store views. The first on, the default, for german language and the second store view in english.

Finally, the USA website will have just one store view (well... it depends on your needs).

Using different websites you'll be able to set different payment and shipment integrations. Also, you can handle different prices (not only currencies).


(my 2 cents)

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