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What changed in rewards with 2.3.4-p2?

What changed in rewards with 2.3.4-p2?

We are on 2.3.4-p2 and have been running Magento in production two years. We are on b2b commerce edition. Up through 2.3.2 when an order was placed the customer got reward points. I am now being told that an order has to be invoiced for that to occur. We do not invoice in Magento so this is a problem. Anyway I can revert or override this settings? It is the built in functionality, it is not an extension.


Re: What changed in rewards with 2.3.4-p2?

Hello @TylerWolf ,


Reward points are not recommended for use with COD purchases, because receipt of payment cannot be confirmed until after the order is invoiced.


please check with your configuration for the reward points once,


 Customers can redeem points toward purchases, based on the conversion rate that you establish between reward points and currency. 


Points can be rewarded to customers on the basis of a shopping cart rule. They can be rewarded as the only action of the price rule, or in conjunction with a discount.


Reward point balances can be managed by admin users per customer. If enabled in the storefront, customers can also view the details of their points balance.


please refer below link to set your configurations for Reward points


Thank you.

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Re: What changed in rewards with 2.3.4-p2?

My configuration didn't change with the upgrade.