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What is the best practice in this case?


What is the best practice in this case?



I'm working on my new webshop where I'm selling shampoo and other hair products but I have them with and without perfume but the product is exactly the same there is just a version with and one without each has it own "product-number".


So do I have to make 2 separate products items or is there a way to handle them under one product item but separate stock for them both where the user just picks one of the them as a dropdown or something similar?


I'm wandering what the best practice is down the road because in the future I would like to have something like M$ Navision integrated for handling the stock etc. Hope you guys will give some feedback.





Re: What is the best practice in this case?

Hi there. I'd do this with two simple products and one configurable product. The configurable product is the one that will be visible on the site and then will have a dropdown for perfume yes/no. Choosing between these options is then choosing between the stock units (simple products).


This is pretty standard approach so should be compatible with any ERP integration.

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