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What to do with part order?

What to do with part order?

I have an order that contains three products.

Two items have been invoiced, one has been shipped and the other item needs to be canceled because the customer no longer wants it.

Once the second item is shipped, this leaves me with one item not invoiced and not shipped!

What do I do with it?


I'd like to cancel just this one item, but have no idea how.


Any advice?




Re: What to do with part order?

Were you able to figure this out?

I would like to cancel the order (after payment has been collected but before package has shipped). Is there a recommended way to cancel orders in this stage of the order process?

When I attempt to follow this workflow: I am unable to "Refund Online". Only "Refund Offline" is an available option in the new "Credit Memo" window.