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Where is core?

Where is core?



Rather new to Magento.  I'm looking for Magento 2 core... I found some modules at /vendor/magento/ is this the extent of core?


Also, the reason I was looking for core was I was trying to figure out where the default "Use system value" comes from.  I was looking specifically for Shipping Method default values and where they are set.


I found /vendor/magento/module-shipping/etc/adminhtml/system.xml which is the Shipping Settings form. At the bottom it has a line <resource>Magento_Shipping::carriers</resource> which I suspect  is the Shipping Methods form.  Where does this point?


Thanks in advance for your help!!


Re: Where is core?

Hello Klsmith,

Yes, your are right core in Magento 2.x is inside vendor/magento. magento directory contains all its core module.

If you want to create your own custom module then you have to create the directory structure like this.

{magento_root_folder}/app/code/Custompackage/Custommodule .