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Where is the system configuration?????


Where is the system configuration?????

I've installed, and I go to my admin URL page, and log in.  Following instructions I've found on various sites from googling, I try to find the "SYSTEM > CONFIGURATION" tab and there is no such thing.   Under SYSTEM tab, I only have a list of options none of which is "CONFIGURATION".  Is this something that was changed in 2.1?  I'm lost trying to find this, and as I mentioned everything I've found via google has an interface that looks completely different than what I see on our install.


Here are two links to show you what I'm talking about:


My install looks absolutely nothing like these.  Maybe I installed the wrong version?  All I want to do is make sure SSL is enabled for the frontend.  


Re: Where is the system configuration?????

Hi @phiii

Yes, many things have changed in Magento 2 if to compare it to the previous versions, so while looking for any tutorials, you should be specific and note that you need instructions for Magento 2.


As for the configuration, it is found under Stores in Magento 2. Hope that helps.

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