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best way to remove products in M2.1

best way to remove products in M2.1


I have the following business case and i'm wondering how I should delete products with associated orders and invoices. 

Lets say we've selling product A for years and we no longer offering that product on our website. 

I tried to delete that product completely but when I view the order that has this product, it gives me the following error in var/log/system.log :

[2017-10-31 10:50:08] main.CRITICAL: Requested product doesn't exist [] []


The frontend page shows blank page when i'm trying to view this order. 


What's the best way to remove the product and still keep it in the  orders/invoices history  ? 


Thanks in advance


Re: best way to remove products in M2.1

Could you disable the product rather than delete?

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