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can't reach to magento admin login url

can't reach to magento admin login url

hello , i achieved to install magento 2.1.4 old version using lamp and ubuntu server LTS 20.04.

so i can see home page but can't reach to admin login url page .

i tried a most method but without any result

most method much as :

checking admin url via


bin/magento info:adminuri


Admin URI: /admin


also in env.php file


'backend' => [ 'frontend' => 'admin' ]



baseurl/admin didn't work a2enmod rewrite


i tried file root .htaccess change the apache2.conf to AllowOverride All


changed the value in databases in table 'cor_config_data' and column 'web/seo/use_rewrite' to 0


systemctl restart apache2.service


but without any result