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categories issue


categories issue

Need help

I uninstalled a theme that I had, remove all its directories that need to be removed did the upgrade thing. everything is working on the admin side except when I go to categories. I get an error that is

Class Megnor\Category\Model\Category\Attribute\Source\Level does not exist

it's still looking for the directory. I think the issue is I create some categories and didn't delete.

I tried flushing the cache and upgrade compile that didn't work how can I fix this. Hopefully, don't have to reinstall. 


Re: categories issue

Hello @bigd46


Seems like theme created some attribute and that contain source model.


So please run below query into eav_attribute table


select * from eav_aattribute where frontend_model like '%Megor%'


either you need to remove attribute or you need to remove souce model for that.


Hope it ill help you.


If work then mark as solution.

Re: categories issue

Hi @bigd46


Looks like you still have some module under app/code directory from the Megnor this vendor name !!


Can you please confirm that is there any module is there or not for this vendor Megnor ?


the issue is coming because somewhere in the di.xml file dependencies is given for this class - Class Megnor\Category\Model\Category\Attribute\Source\Level


So you actually need to identify in which file they given dependencies for this class and need to remove it for the same


Then do compilation again , clear cache and check 


It will resolved the issue !!

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Re: categories issue

Thanks, I delete it out the database.