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checklist before going live

checklist before going live

I'm in the process of building my first Magento site in Magento 2.4.0. I've built general websites before, and have built an ecommerce site in Shopify. This is the first time I've built an ecommerce site from the ground up. I'm just using the Luma theme, since at this point I just need something live as quick as I can. I plan to go back later with another theme.


Thus far I have a pretty basic home page, all the info pages & blogs from my old site and all of my products are in inventory. I've done some basic SEO for the homepage and also for the product pages. I also got order & shipment email templates made. Think I got the taxes taken care of too.


I know I need to get an SSL certificate & connect a payment gateway and shipments. Then I need to get my domain name connected to this site. 


What else do I need to make sure that I've done before I go live with my new site?


Do I need to do SEO for every single page or are the home page & products enough?


As far as SEO goes, the articles I've seen have said that the Meta Title & Meta Description are the most important things to address. Is this true, or should I also have keywords as well?