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configurable product price

configurable product price

I've migrated a project from Magento 1.9 to Magento 2.2.

I have a problem with configurable products.

Once the configurable product is created (with all variations) its price is set to null.

How can I set the configurable product price with the lowest price of the variations (or the first variations)?



thanks a lot



Re: configurable product price

In Magento 1 pricing strategy for configurable goods was different. There was price of parent configurable product + mark-up set per attribute (superattribute value). 


In Magento 2 price of configurable products has changed and it can be reconfigured in 2 ways: 

  • Apply single price for all SKUs - in this case products will not differ in price and it will be the price of parent configurable product.
  • Apply unique prices by attribute to each SKU - this option lets you determine prices on per-value basis, so the price of simple products will be taken into account only and the price of parent configurable products will be ignored and grayed out.

Most likely you have got the second case, so the price of associated simple products ($8, $9) as per your screenshot will be applied at front-end. 


Here is also step-by-step tutorial on configurable products creation in Magento 2 that might shed some light for you. 

Re: configurable product price

Thanks for support. I've read the documentation and understand how configurable products are structured.
I need to save the price on the parent product because I would like to create the google feed only on the parent product and not on the variants (characterized by unique prices to each SKU):

I set a daily export of products to a .csv file but parent's products price is empty.

Do you have any suggestions?

thank you so much