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definitions of API/Integration options

definitions of API/Integration options



first post (other than intro) so hope I explain this correctly with enough details, ask if you need me to confirm anything


We have a third party partner that will be pulling our product catalogue into their quoting tool via Integration/API, so I have created their Integration but have a question about the Resources I can give them access to as it will be a custom selection so they only get top level info (title, description, price, image, etc) and no ability to make changes or see cost pricing.


Is their a document for the API that tells me what information each resource will open up to them? for instance - If I tick these boxes - what info does that allow



I cant find this question has been asked anywhere else in the forum, and the only API information I can find tells me the strings to use to get the info, and what the correct response should be, but nothing that tells me what each option actually relates to




"have you tried varying the input voltage?"

Re: definitions of API/Integration options

Hello @damienwint01e1 

I am not sure what API you are going to use, but it should be REST or SOAP, right?

Resource access to provide the access of some specific sections of magento website, its not possible to restrict them for some product information.
It will give all required information of product when you call REST API for example, you can use further what are required and what not.

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