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duplicate configurable product

duplicate configurable product



I have some configurable products with sizes and color (tshirts), when I duplicate a product with colors and sizes configuration I see  that the simple products are not duplicated it always link to original simple products.


When I duplicate a configurable product I need to create new simple products with new sku (based on duplicated product sku).


How can I achive that? there is some options to set or custom plugin to install?






Re: duplicate configurable product

Did you fix this?

Re: duplicate configurable product

To create new simple products with unique SKUs when duplicating a configurable product: 1. Check if your e-commerce platform has built-in functionality. 2. Consider custom development or third-party plugins/extensions. 3. Consult with a developer or platform support for guidance.

Re: duplicate configurable product

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Re: duplicate configurable product

There are two main approaches to duplicating configurable products with new simple products in Magento:

  1. Use an extension like Commerce Bug's Duplicate Product. This allows duplicating both parent and child products automatically with new SKUs.
  2. Create a custom script or module. Programmatically duplicate the parent product, get the associated simple products, clone each simple product with new SKUs, and re-associate them to the duplicated configurable parent.

The code-based approach requires more development work but provides full control over the duplication process. Extensions like Duplicate Product offer a quicker and easier solution. Ultimately, both options allow you to clone configurable products in Magento while generating new simple product SKUs.

Re: duplicate configurable product

Hi @rimshadevr27ac 


you can use the import export functionality of Magento/adobe Commerce products. Through this functionality you can export the configurable product and its simple products in a CSV file.

Check out Magento Adobe via this link


  1. Exports the configurable product and all simple products in a CSV file.
  2. The catalog export tool allows you to filter the products you are going to export, make sure you are only exporting the products you want to duplicate.
  3. Edit the CSV file and create a new configurable product and its children in a simple way (modify the SKU and URL keys).
  4. Now import that file with the same Magento tool and you will have your new configurable product and its new simple products.
    From now on you can use this file to create and modify products in a simple way.


Paco Abella