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multi-website pricing and currency issues

multi-website pricing and currency issues

Coming from Magento 1.9 we decided to setup a new system with CE 2.1 (no extensions installed).


We have 2 websites setup, each has a single store with two views (English/German). We manually adopted all settings in CE 2.1 the way they were in 1.9, but run into some issues. Here is the configuration summary:

default config:

base currency: US-$

allowed currency: US-$

catalog price scope: website


website 1:

base currency: €

allowed currency: €


website 2:

base currency: CHF

allowed currency: GBP, US-$, €, CHF



I did enter a single product, with a base price of US-$ 29.99. Switched the scope to "website 2->english" and entered CHF 49.95.


Now for the results and my expectations:


if you look at the dashboard in admin, you will see all sales figures in the default scope in CHF (should be US-$), however, in the table on the right hand side (bestsellers, most viewed etc) you see them in US-$ and with the correct price of 29.99.


As a customer on website 2, if I switch to English, I see the correct price of CHF 49.95., now when I switch to German, I see a price of CHF 29.99. (should be 49.95). Apparently, CE 2.1 does save the prices on a "store view" level and not at the "web site" level, which I believe is a bug.


Does someone see the same issues in a multi-website environment?


Thank you,



Re: multi-website pricing and currency issues

I am seeing the same thing. I have two websites, one with one store view and the other with 5. I have entered a price in the default price of each store but it isn't being reflected in the other store views of the secondary website.


Did you resolve your problem?

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