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multiple varnish frontends PURGE request


multiple varnish frontends PURGE request

Dear, i have an short question. In front i have two nodes with varnish and haproxy. I have multipe application nodes with an running magento2 ce. I have set multiple varnish frontends like this


magento@app02:/root$ magento config:show system
system/full_page_cache/varnish/access_list -,
system/full_page_cache/varnish/backend_host - localhost
system/full_page_cache/varnish/backend_port - 8080
system/full_page_cache/varnish/grace_period - 300
system/full_page_cache/caching_application - 2


If i make an full_page cache cleanup only one node will be purged. I can send an working PURGE request with curl from every app node to both content-caches.

With tcpdump i can see thet mangeto only send an purdge to the first varnish node ( The request over the webfrontend or the cli both do the same.


Is ther an way to purdge both?


Kind Regards