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quantity of bundle products

quantity of bundle products

someone a solution for the following: I created bundle products consisting of 2 or 3 other products. But now the stock of the bundle product remains at 0. probably because a bundle of product maintains the stock of the 2 linked products. That probably works fine within Magento, but I sell the product externally (bol / amazon / etc.) and it does not come for sale because the stock of bundle product is 0. (the products are retrieved by Channable from magento and forwarded to platforms).

someone an idea how to ensure that bundle product e.g. can take over the stock of 1 of the linked products (the value of the product with the lowest stock)?

at Advanced Inventory I also set manage stock to NO to try, but then stock also remains at 0 and I cannot set anything


Re: quantity of bundle products

no way to fix this? :-(