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showing out of stock products

showing out of stock products


I have in my shop configurable products with multiple simple products.

I have set in magento 2 backend that products out of stock should be visible.


But when the variants are out of stock they are not shown on productpage.

And when all variants are out of stock the productprice is set to 0.

so configurable product is visible but productvariants are not visible like they do not excist for custommers.



1. can i set stock the way that variants are also visible in shop when they are out of stock? (but only can not be orderd)

2. why is product price set to 0,00 when all variants are not on stock and how can i solve that?


an example of a product with this problems can be found at  (in admin there are 3 variants connected what are all out of stock)




Re: showing out of stock products

Same problem here, we cannot go forward with Magento at this time as we need this basic functionaly to work first.  We tried al of the options with de Admin Tool but nothing seems to help.