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support quantity for the option value

support quantity for the option value

I want to support the quantity of option value, please refer to the following case:


Product A has option size, with option value as: large, medium and small. How to allow configure it on the Magento admin to create a product that allow customer able to order 3 large, 4 medium and 5 small option value in one product order? 


What is the Mage code that can specify the qty of option value when adding such product into cart? 


Re: support quantity for the option value

If I understand your questions correctly, it sounds like you may want to use a Grouped Product. 


In essence, you create the 3 simple products (Small Shirt, Medium Shirt, and Large Shirt). Each can have it's own inventory, price, and other data. You can set these products up so that they're not visible individually. In other words, they're not shown in a category or in search results.


They, you set up a Grouped Product. This is a product display page that, instead of showing off one simple product, allows shoppers to purchase different quantities of different items at the same time. 


Here's a screenshot with an example: 


and here's more information on how to set this up:


ALTERNATIVE: If you prefer to set up one Simple Product and use Custom Options, your best bet may be to use an extension like: which will allow you to "Add the Quantity Input for any product option".


Best of luck!