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undifined index

undifined index

Magento 2.1 new local computer install. 

trying to  setup multiple domain with single magento installation . i follow all there is to create multi domain setup . but when i add the code to the htaccess i get 

Notice: Undefined index: {store} in:/path/to/magento/module-store/Model/StoreResolver/ReaderList.php on line 48

 this dose not seem to be mamp problem , when i remove entries from htaccess . i don't get this notice anymore. 

is this a bug ? 



Re: undifined index

i think magento CE 2.1 has many issues / bugs. i just changed to CE. 2. one of the example is if you go to store / configuration / General / Design .. instead of Design configuration , you will end up with SEO Robot configuration .. 


im not developer  and im using magento for the first time and i think is not very stable version .