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Adjustment refund : no tax calculated in credit memo

Adjustment refund : no tax calculated in credit memo

Feature request from webtekindo, posted on GitHub Feb 04, 2016

The issue exists in Magento 1 and still exists in Magento 2, when we use the Adjustment Refund or Fee taxes are not calculated.

I see in the documentation : "In the Adjustment Refund field, enter a value to be added to the total amount refunded as an additional refund that does not apply to any particular part of the order (shipping, items, or tax). The amount entered cannot raise the total refund higher than the paid amount."

So I understand that these adjustments dont apply to shipping, items or tax. But in the case we want to partially refund an items, we dont have choice to use the Adjustments fields and then the taxes are not recalculated.

I think a better way should be to allow to refund one or more products with a custom price (with checkbox as on admin new order form) and if the products are taxable then the refund will correctly recalculate the correct taxes.

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Status changed to: Investigating
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Comment from choukalos, posted on GitHub Mar 15, 2016

This is a feature enhancement - created MAGETWO-50517 to encapsulate and shared with appropriate PM.

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Comment from jBOKA, posted on GitHub Aug 29, 2016

Anything happend so far? It would at least be helpful, if the method names in the CreditMemoInterface would suggest, if adjustments are included or not like with ...InclTax suffix. This is a little incoherent...

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Any updates or workarounds for this please ?