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Admin Timeout

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Admin Timeout

Feature request from epadmin, posted on GitHub Jul 09, 2016

Steps to reproduce

While working on adding categories in the admin panel, Magento times out without notification or giving ability to extend. When saving new categories after adding all the information, the login page comes up and none of the information is saved.

Expected result

Expect a notification prior to timing out while updating/adding information. If you are logged in and try to save, there should be a way to restore the information you entered if you have to log in again, whether it is a setting allowing the information to be cached so you can go back after logging in or temporarily saving it while you re-authenticate and then committing the change. At the very least there should be a reminder that says you are about to be logged out.

Actual result

Try to save information after entering the required info to setup a new category is resulting in the information being lost because it goes to a login page instead of saving the data. Presumably this is a timeout issue

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Comment from springimport, posted on GitHub Jul 13, 2016

For temporary solution, increase the Admin Session Lifetime.