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Allow multiple roles per admin user

Allow multiple roles per admin user

Feature request from airbone42, posted on GitHub Feb 09, 2015

Currently it's only possible to have one role per admin user, which is quite difficult to handle if you have multiple users which have overlapping roles.

E.g. we have usually Editors and Sales people. So we need two roles. Besides that we also have people who're allowed to do both, so we already have to maintain three roles which have a very big overlap in the ressources. We always have to update all the roles if something in the ressources changes. This problem gets even bigger if you have three or four normal roles which have to be mixed up.

Also the ressources which everyone should have, like the section to change the own password has to be added to every role individually instead of just having a "my account" role which you have to maintain only once and add it to every user.

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Status changed to: Investigating
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Comment from tzyganu, posted on GitHub Feb 09, 2015


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Comment from ilol, posted on GitHub Feb 19, 2015

Thanks, @airbone42. Great idea, and we even have registered task (MAGETWO-11357) in our product backlog related to this topic. But that is expensive feature.

I would discuss other side of this problem. What do you think about connection of our user role with Active Directory (FreeIPA) group? This would be helpful for user administrators to setup and sync Magento permissions with permissions to other system resources of merchant`s infrastructure.

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Comment from airbone42, posted on GitHub Feb 20, 2015

Hi @ilol,

a sync to AD is definitely a great feature but I would see it separated from this one. AD sync might be interesting for enterprise systems, but having shared roles is required by almost every merchant that has more than two users. We would even need that as an agency for our different set of supporting users, which btw are usually not registered in the AD of the merchants. Smiley Wink

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Hello @ilol,

I completely agree with what  airbone42 said in the last comment. We really need to have such feature to have multiple roles assigned to a single user. Considering this feature to be expensive, we can have this in seperate module/extension so that it can be utilised depending upon the requirement.

Hope to hear some positive response Smiley Happy