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Allow payment methods on per-customer basis

Allow payment methods on per-customer basis

Allow a customer-level setting that enables/hides payment methods. For example, I have a small number of customers who cannot be removed from their price group, but who I want to force into Proforma Invoicing rather than Creditcard. By linking the payment method to the price group, I have to double up the number of price groups, one for normal people and one for those with bad credit etc. 

Robert Rand
M2 Certified

I feel your pain. I've run into this many times, especially on projects for wholesales, distributors, and manufacturers. 


The extension that I normally use to restrict payments is:


This extension will allow you to restrict payments based upon Customer Attributes (not just groups). I can think of a case where I repurposed the Tax/Vat Number customer attribute to use for these rules, since the field was not otherwise in use. 


In Magento Commerce, you can create customer attributes natively:


In Magento Open Source, you'd need an extension to create customer attributes via the admin:


So Magento (at least EE), is getting closer to supporting this natively. Since they released Magento Commerce B2B, I wouldn't be surprised if this eventually becomes part of the paid license, but as it's not something that a majority of store owners need, I doubt it's something we'll see in the Open Source version anytime soon.

Soumitra B2B
New Contributor

B2BMage supports different types of payment options for diferent typea of customers, including Credit Limits. 

Trusted Contributor
M2 Certified

Yes there is no native functionality available in Magento 2 to restrict payment customer wise or by some other condition.


You can refer to Magedelight Payment Restriction which allows restriction on condition basis. Please refer to below link


Screen Shot:


This will extended the native functionality.

Rohit Kashyap
Occasional Contributor

Hello Everyone,


Webkul has made a solution to restrict payment methods as well as shipping methods based on customer groups. Please check the extension - Payment & Shipping By Customer Group for Magento 2 to know more.


  • Hide payments and shipping methods according to customer groups.
  • The methods can be set in system configurations and in the customer group panel.
  • If methods are not set in customer groups, the methods set in system configurations will be visible to the customer.



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