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Api interface for product swatches

Api interface for product swatches

Feature request from paales, posted on GitHub Jun 21, 2016

Currently using 2.1-rc3.

There is no API available for product option swatches. It makes sense if we are able to use the ProductAttributeOptionManagementInterface to add new swatch texts to products.

Maybe to have better separation of concerns we could have a ProductAttributeOptionSwatchManagementInterface to add swatch information to an existing option.

Frequent Visitor

Any update or progress on this?

Magento Team

@nikunjhk can you explain or give an example of what you're trying to do? 

You should be able to use catalogProductAttributeOptionManagementV1 to create new product attribute options, even when the attribute is a swatch type. 

You can also use this as a input/output reference:

Frequent Visitor

@mkotov I'm trying to get swatches data (image/color code) through API to use in another system. Currently what I get is only label and value as described in


I don't want to change the label to hex code, mainly as I would need images too (most of my cases use image)

Magento Team

Thanks for clarifying. I understand the use case and agree this would be a nice feature to add to our APIs.