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Bug List

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Bug List

Where can we get a complete list of Magento 2.1 Community reported bugs?  Having just installed M2 Community, every time we run into an issue we are told by our developers "that is a Magento bug".  We would like to know what is a legitimate bug, if Magento is working on it, when it might be fixed or if we need to fix it ourselves.   We love the product but are often frustrated when we cannot get straight answers.  Please advise.

Magento Team

Hi Jim, 

There is not an exhaustive list, but the best way might be to search open GitHub issues for your encountered behaviors:


These tickets will often cite what the internal Magento tickets are, and in cases where they've arleady been fixed in newer versions, you can often find the commits for fixing some of these issues. 

Magento Team

Of course in the times when you do not find an appropriate bug already filed, you are welcome to create one, and the internal team will evaluate from there.