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Configurable Price Range (feature request)

Configurable Price Range (feature request)

Feature request from webtekindo, posted on GitHub Feb 10, 2016

It should be nice to have an option in Admin to display price range for configurable products instead of only displaying the minimal price.

50$ - 90$ (minimal price) - (maximal price)

That range may be display on the product listing, and on the product page when no options selected yet

I beleive many companies have use cases on which they use the configurable product type, but price may vary a lot depending on the configurable options.

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Status changed to: Investigating
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Comment from antboiko, posted on GitHub Feb 12, 2016

Hi @webtekindo , thanks for your inquiry. We currently have internal ticket MAGETWO-46737 in our backlog which covers informing that price can be higher.

Best, Anton.

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Comment from webtekindo, posted on GitHub Feb 12, 2016

Ok that's great thanks.

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Comment from ntzz, posted on GitHub May 31, 2016

@antboiko is there any update for this?

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I have the same issue! Would be really nice to get some update. For the german law we need t show the starting at information because the configurable products have a price span.




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Same issue here. Does anyone has a quick fix for this ? We absolutely need to show "starting at" for our configurable products.



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Same issue as well.

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 Needed here too

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 Any news?

This should be basic functionality...

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almost 1 year and they still not fix this. why magento? Smiley Sad